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This is fairly self-explanatory, but there are a few notes behind the cut.

  • I altered Minnie Driver’s, Freddie Highmore’s, and Bette Midler’s hair color because DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND REDHEADED ACTORS? *le sigh*
  • Obviously did the eight kids, the Friz, and Janet, plus the Producer, Mr. Seedplot from “Goes to Seed” (because he’s Ms. Frizzle’s love interest), Murph (because I was struck with inspiration for her), and four of the parents (ditto).
  • I used “Parker” as DA’s last name because I’ve seen it in some fanworks, and for some reason had it in my head that it was canon. I think it fits, personally.
  • I aged the kids up to their late teens and tried to pick actors around that age, but in the era of Glee, I gave myself a little leeway to pick slightly older actors when necessary.
  • Minnie Driver will always be my Ms. Frizzle. She can give the Friz the dignity of her roles in Return to Me and Ella Enchanted, but herĀ Absolutely Fabulous guest appearance (in my very favorite AbFab episode, no less) shows that she can act with a great sense of humor, too.
  • That said, other castings I’d be happy with for the Friz include but are not limited to Emma Thompson, Nia Vardalos, Vanessa Williams (I don’t care that she’s Black; she’d be a GREAT Ms. Frizzle, and who said racebending’s not allowed?), Andrea Martin, Portia de Rossi, or Lily Tomlin herself.
  • As far as I know, neither Eric Saade nor Rochelle Humes has any acting experience, and though Diana Vickers has done stage acting, she hasn’t done any TV/movies AFAIK. Alison Moyet’s only screen acting I know of was a cameo as herself in an episode of French and Saunders. Do I care? NOPE! :D I mean, you cannot look at that photo of Rochelle and tell me she doesn’t look exactly like a grown-up Keesha.
  • Even though I couldn’t find any pictures of Bette Midler with red hair, she did have red hair for a while, including in Big Business with Lily Tomlin!
  • I didn’t cast a Latino actor for Carlos because I felt that race aside, Eric Saade was a perfect match. Also, he’s biracial (he has a Swedish mother and a Lebanese father), so in my defense, at least there would be some representation of ethnic minorities.
  • This photo of The Vickers is what made me think to fancast her as DA. I just couldn’t use it in the graphic because I couldn’t crop it in a way that didn’t look strange because of Dumper’s presence. That said, she looks roughly like my idea of teen DA throughout her video for “The Boy Who Murdered Love” (from which I took the screencap I used in the graphic), so.
  • I know J-Hutch is way too big a star to do such a thing, but it’s fantasy anyway, SO I figured I may as well carry on the fandom tradition of fancasting him as Ralphie at every opportunity.
  • Molly C. Quinn and Ellen Wong are also stolen from other fancasts I’ve seen. Emma Thompson as DA’s mom was inspired by a fancast I saw that had her as Ms. Frizzle, which seemed to me like a good idea, just not QUITE as good as Minnie Driver.