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People need to stop using the word “triggered” to mean “uncomfortable”, “angry”, or similar feelings





It minimizes the issues of those with the conditions that result in actually being triggered, and makes it so that when we make statements about our condition, people take us less seriously. 

Find a better word. 

When I say “triggered” I mean a panic attack, deep depression spell, or extreme paranoia. Love this post. Couldn’t agree more.

Yup. I have panic attacks where I vomit and collapse. I sometimes am triggered and clench my fists so hard the skin breaks- my palms are scarred from this. I shake, I stop being able to speak. Sometimes I lose my vision. Sometimes I faint. I cannot be touched. 

It’s BAD. So when people use the word to mean “I don’t like this thing” it pisses me off beyond words.

Agreed… plus there’s already a word for that, it’s called “upset” or even “freaked out” if that’s the proper feeling. Triggered is something else. Like, I am upset by talk of kidnapped children. It puts me in a foul mood and I’m upset for a while. Triggered is something ELSE altogether. It’s short for “triggered into an attack” in most cases. Like, vets could be triggered by fireworks on the Fourth of July. 


A girl needs her role models. Kate Bush, you wacky, glorious genius. 

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Seven insecurities: Acne, tummy, voice, appearance in general, always worrying that I’m not as smart as I think I am, gender confusion, my displays of femininity (e.g., makeup)

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I’m available pretty much any time tomorrow…after I wake up, that is. XD And oops, I meant to ask yellow, not orange.

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Five turn-ons: Um… emotional connection, since I’m sort of demisexual, I guess? That’s kind of the only one I can think of. If we’re talking romantic instead of sexual: intelligence, kindness, humor, and … idk, adorableness?

mel-tokio: Orange and violet?

Six fears: bugs, death, losing everyone I love, not having enough money, making some big decision that’s wrong, serious illness

One thing I love: SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL when are you gonna watch it with me???!!!